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Blackberry Z10 Gets Its First Software Update

Written by on March 1, 2013 in Blackberry - No comments

The impressive, new Blackberry Z10 just apparently got a bit better, thanks to a wide-ranging new OTA update to its mobile operating system.

Blackberry’s new Z10 smartphone took the tech media somewhat by surprise recently by debuting its first smartphone model with no thumb pad and a design that is decidedly iPhone-like. The sleek, new Blackberry has definitely turned some heads and, with the  exception of lacking the same quantity of apps for the Blackberry ecosphere compared to Apple and Android, the phone’s hardware and software have gotten high marks from reviewers and users alike.

Today, the Z10 just got its first OTA update to its mobile operating system, which improves on battery life, photo quality in low-light situations, and some of the business-related apps, such as the calendar and contacts. According to the Financial Post:

” . . .changes in software update also include improved performance for third-party applications, better video playback in the BlackBerry browser, changes to the way that contacts are imported from online sources and “over 60 battery saving improvements.”

The extensive software improvements to the Blackberry Z10’s battery life is a particularly interesting detail in this report, since battery life on high-end smartphones has increasingly become a problem, particularly with the iPhone and Samsung devices. Since Blackberry continues to target business users as their main demographic, it appears that they are making major R&D investments into the Z10’s battery performance in order to give business users and travelers the longevity they need in order to remain productive.

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