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Reports Indicate That Budget iPhone To Be Released In 2013

Written by on March 1, 2013 in iPhone - No comments

New rumors out of Asia suggest that a polycarbonate budget iPhone with a $330 price tag is due out from Apple in August.

The rumor mill for 2013 has been a complicated one at best, with tech news media sources trying to balance out the rumors of a large-screened iPhone 6, refreshed iPhone 5S, and a slew of other reports that suggest the current iPhone 5 could see several updates in 2013, including multiple color options and a budget-priced iPhone 5 as well.

Little has been heard recently about Apple’s flagship smartphone being released in multiple colors, but the rumors of a budget-priced iPhone persist. A series of new reports out of Asia today suggest that the cheap iPhone may come as soon as August.

According to Apple Insider, Apple is planning to ship both the refreshed iPhone 5S and the budget iPhone this year:

“The details were reported on Friday by Chinese tech news site EMSOne (translation), which cited analysts from Barclays Capital. It claimed that a “cheap edition” of the iPhone will be built this year by both Foxconn, Apple’s usual manufacturing partner, as well as Pegatron.”  

The report goes on to explain that the new, lower-priced iPhone is said to be priced at $330. In contrast, an unlocked iPhone 4 costs $450 on the website. Apparently Apple will lower the cost of this iPhone by replacing its expensive aluminum and glass chassis with a polycarbonate version, not dissimilar from the 2009 white unibody MacBooks. This new design is thought to be strong enough to handle the rigors of the mobile lifestyle, but significantly cut back on production costs, thus giving Apple the flexibility it needs to offer it at a low price point.

The motivating factor behind the rumored low-cost iPhone for 2013 comes as a result of Samsung’s significant gains in the smartphone market in 2012, wherein their larger-screened and budget-priced smartphone models allowed them to be competitive with Apple. Financial tech analysts now believe that Apple needs to compete with Samsung in the low-priced smartphone market, and that these new rumors point to them doing just that.

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