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LG Sells 10 Million LTE Smartphones

Written by on March 4, 2013 in LG - No comments

LG is often not thought of as a leader in high-end LTE smartphones. But a recent announcement that the company sold 10 million smartphones with LTE connectivity is bound to get consumers to take a closer look at their impressive top-tier designs.

When most people think about the LG brand of smartphones, they think about the free models that many mobile carriers offer as an incentive for users to subscribe to their services. And to be fair, LG functions well in this value-priced market: their current forecast is to sell 275 million smartphone units, and many of that 275 million will come in the way of cheap, entry-level smartphones.

However, it might take some by surprise to find out that LG has also managed to sell 10 million LTE-enabled smartphones as well — a segment of the smartphone market that is not usually associated with LG.

LG Optimus

According to TechnoBuffalo:

Thanks to the success of popular devices such as the Optimus G – which is now releasing in 50 additional territories – LG has now passed the benchmark of selling 10 million LTE enabled devices. While not a huge challenge to companies such as Samsung at this time, it is still a healthy amount of sales.

The Optimus G is indeed an impressive smartphone that rivals that of the Samsung line of Galaxy smartphones, alla the Note 2 and GS3. With its large display, LG has definitely crafted a kind of LTE “phablet” that, with the right about of media buzz and advertisement, could come to be a major player in the premium smartphone market.

Keep an eye out for LG to continue to penetrate the top-tier smartphone segment and make more inroads into LTE.

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