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HTC Adding Premium Features To Mid-Priced Smartphone Models

Written by on March 5, 2013 in HTC - No comments

HTC‘s One has established itself as a top-tier smartphone with premium features, such as Blinkfeed, Ultrapixel, and Zoe. Now, it appears that HTC is ready to offer these features on mid-priced smartphone models as well.

In spite of the fact that Apple and Samsung appear to be the two smartphone manufacturers vying for control of the premium smartphone market, other designers such as HTC have made inroads into the premium smartphone market as well by offering top-tier models with next-generation features. For HTC, the company has heavily promoted the HTC One as its flagship device, and has equipped it with several proprietary software and hardware features that have allowed it compete at some level with the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S3.

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Now it appears, however, that HTC will begin to offer several of the features on the HTC One on some of its mid-priced models as well.

According to Android Authority,

“Starting with Blinkfeed, HTC UK and Ireland director Phil Roberson reveals that the company is eager to bring the service to “as many products as possible.” Seeing that Blinkfeed is an integral part of Sense 5 UI, which we know will make its way to other HTC devices, this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

Things are a little bit more challenging when it comes to the Ultrapixel technology, which is dependent on the hardware currently only found on the HTC One. However, you can still look forward to certain elements from the camera making it to other handsets – even the mid-range ones.”

This news joins the growing buzz surrounding Apple’s iPhone releases this year, which suggests that Cupertino may release a budget-priced iPhone this year that would still run iOS and offer premium features, perhaps at a price point as low as $330. This gambit by HTC could be an attempt to match any move by Apple to offer premium features even on mid-priced phones.

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