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AT&T Rumored To Be Adding Blackberry Z10 On March 15th

Written by on March 7, 2013 in AT&T, Blackberry - No comments

Just on the heels of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 launch in the middle of March, the Blackberry Z10 could make its way onto the AT&T roster, giving RIM a big boost.

It has been a long time since blackberry made tech news that was actually positive; for years, the company has languished, seeing its market share chipped away by the likes of Apple and Android. However, the company’s recent release of the Blackberry Z10 — the company’s first touch screen-only smartphone designed to take on the likes of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S3 — has gotten some rave reviews from the tech media.

The media has heralded the Z10 as a legitimate top-tier smartphone contender, touting both its design/hardware and operating system. Of course, Blackberry still lags way behind in the app side of things compared to iOS and Android, but as a business device, it appears that the Z10 is a true winner, and could halt Apple’s assault into the business market.

while all of this may be true, the Blackberry Z10 has not taken off in terms of mainstream sales. But a new report today suggests that AT&T may be preparing to sell it as early as March 15th in the U.S..

According to CNET:

Originally reported by N4BB and echoed by mobile news sites Phone Arena and BlackBerryOS, AT&T apparently has moved up its plans to push the Z10 out to the American public. If sources close to N4B can be trusted, then BlackBerry’s most advanced handset could hit the street the day after the Samsung Galaxy S4’s big unveiling.

The CNET article is a bit negative on the Z10’s release proximity to that of the GS4, but there is also evidence to suggest that Blackberry could benefit from releasing the Z10 around the same time as the new Galaxy device. Back when the iPhone 5 was released, Samsung saw a palpable uptick in smartphone sales as a kind of “piggy-back” effect of the release of the iPhone 5; the release focused more attention onto smartphone sales in general, leading to some gains for Samsung.

The same could be true for Blackberry and the Z10.

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