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iPad 5, iPhone 5S To Include Intel-Made Processors?

Written by on March 8, 2013 in iPad, iPhone - No comments

Rumors abound that Apple has been in serious talks with Intel to produce processors for both the iPad 5 and iPhone 5S. But given the new iPad 5 release rumors for April, Item chips may not be possible for the iPad this year.

In the wake of the division between Apple and Samsung, who will no longer be providing processors for Apple devices, there has been a lot of news surrounding who will produce the next-generation processors for Apple mobile devices. A new report today suggests that Intel, the company responsible for producing processors for Apple’s line of Mac computers, may also be contracted to produce chips for iOS devices as well.

According to Know Your Mobile:

According to a report from Reuters, an anonymous source ‘close to one of the companies’ revealed that executives have been in talks for a about a year now, though no conclusion has yet been reached.

The article focuses primarily on the fact that Intel’s next CEO could be planning to expand the company’s so-called ‘foundry’ contract operations and will enter into more manufacturing deals where it will produce chips for big-name clients, such as Apple.

The fact that Intel does not appear to be actively producing processors for Apple at this point might preclude the iPad 5 from getting Intel chips in 2013. Recent reports suggest that the iPad 5 could be due out as soon as April. If this is the case, then it would seem unlikely that Intel would be on board in time to mass produce the processors needed for Apple’s initial production run of new iPads (assuming the iPad 5 release date rumor is accurate.

Switching over to Intel chips for iOS devices could also prove to be a logistical and technological hurdle for Apple as well. Doing so might require Cupertino to radically change the architecture of its iOS devices. Given the fact that the iPhone 5S has been rumored to be little more than a refresh, it remains to be seen if Apple would make any radical changes to the device to include Intel this year — though the inclusion of Intel on the iPhone 5S could be a strong selling point for an otherwise refreshed iPhone iteration.

Another advantage of Intel processors is their economical use of power. Given some of the battery drain issues that the iPhone 4S and 5 have experienced over the past couple of years, this benefit, together with Intel’s strong track record of quality and performance, might be just enough to seal the deal.

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