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Blackberry Q10 Prototype Reveals Early Rubberized Back Design

Written by on March 11, 2013 in Blackberry - No comments

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A recently obtained early prototype of the Blackberry Q10 reveals a rugged, rubberized back material, not dissimilar from what is currently being used on the Z10.

For the past few weeks, Blackberry’s new Z10 has garnered a lot of attention from the tech media. The company’s first foray into making a top-tier smartphone without Blackberry’s trademark thumboard is meant to take on the likes of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S smartphones. It remains to be seen how well the Z10 will compete in those circles, but Blackberry’s other new offering, the Q10, may very well catch on as the hottest, new smartphone for business users.

The Blackberry Q10 will feature the thumboard, and the back of the device is going to be a bit different from the Z10 in that it is going to feature a unique glass weave back. However, a recent article highlights one of the early Q10 prototypes, which featured a rubberized back, not dissimilar from the Z10.

Engadget explains:

 The crew at Genk have snagged a pre-production example that teases what could have been. Their black device has the same grippy, rubberized back as the Z10, suggesting that BlackBerry was at least experimenting with using the same extra-practical (if less refined) material up until the unveiling.

While the rubberized back did not end up on the finished product, there is also some promising insight into the Q10’s battery pack, which may feature a robust upgrade, even from the Z10. The Q10 should be getting a 2,100mAh battery, which, conbined with its more compact screen, should deliver a nice, long battery life for business users.

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