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Purported Mystery Motorola Phone Could Be Google’s “Flagship” Model

Written by on March 14, 2013 in Motorola - No comments
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Ever since Google acquired Motorola, the prevailing thought has been that the search engine giant would eventually use Motorola as its own in-house smartphone hardware design subsidiary, allowing it to compete one on one with the likes of Apple, instead of having to reap indirect royalties from Android partners like Samsung and HTC. Although Motorola smartphone models like the Droid Razr Maxx HD have recently gotten strong reviews, there has been no new Motorola smartphone design that has suggested that google has gotten heavily involve in the hardware design process.

However, a new report from The Verge, which suggests that a purported “mystery Motorola” phone has been spotted, may suggest that a Google-designed Motorola model is coming, and that it will function as the company’s “flagship” model, designed to go toe to toe against the iPhone.

New Motorola BackThe article goes on to state that:

. . . it looks quite unlike any of the recent Kevlar-coated phones from the Google-owned manufacturer. While there have been rumors that a flagship “X Phone” will come sometime this year, it doesn’t look like this device is it — as per Google’s comments about upcoming Motorola devices, the 720p AMOLED display is unlikely to make anyone say “wow” like we’d hope from a true collaboration.

Still, if this is a real unit or prototype from Motorola, it does show that the company is working on new products that depart from its traditional hard-edged design. The phone has a smooth, non-removable back panel perforated with holes for a speaker, and it looks fairly sleek from the sides. The subtle “M” logo above the screen is a welcome change, too, and features an unusual broken-circle pattern that we haven’t seen before. The phone also appears to be quite a bit more compact than bezel-heavy handsets like the Atrix HD and Droid RAZR line.

What still remains surprising is that Google would not be willing to manufacture a “flagship” smartphone under its own logo, and instead hope that a company like Motorola could become as big of a brand name as Apple. Perhaps, however, after the failures of the Nexus line, Google doesn’t want to run the risk of failure being pinned directly to its own logo.

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