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Is Apple’s iPhone finally trumped by Samsung with the Galaxy S4?

Written by on March 22, 2013 in iPhone, Samsung - No comments

As Samsung announced their new flagship Galaxy S4 phone the last week, the bar has been raised from their previous champion, the S3. It is a monster 5” screen smartphone that dwarfs it’s direct target, Apple’s iPhone 5.


But is Apple worried over this latest round of competition against it’s best selling iPhone product? If anything is an indication of uncertainty, it would be this webpage that Apple put up over the past weekend detailing the merits of iPhone ownership.

One interesting feature that Apple is stating on the page, is their trademarked term “Retina Display”.

Apple is trying to make the potential consumer believe that only an iPhone has a display of this quality, when the Galaxy S4 has a ppi (Pixels Per Inch) of 114 more than the iPhone at a staggering 440 ppi. If Apple had its way, they would rather have you oblivious to the fact that just about every current smartphone has an equal to better display “crispness” as the iPhone.

Next up for comparison is the battery, with the SG4 having a huge 2600mAh vs the iPhone 1440mah, still only 10 more mAh than the previous 4s. The problem with the iPhone is that if Apple releases an iPhone 5s, reusing the same phone design with faster internal hardware, there is no more physical room for a larger battery – it’s maxed out as is.

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The more powerful processor, and larger screen size undoubtedly takes its toll when it comes to battery life. Apple’s phones aren’t exactly known for being able to get you through a whole day without the need to charge, the iPhone 5′s 1440mAh battery is more capable than most. Samsung’s 2600mAh battery is a bump from last year’s model, but there’s still a lot going on that can drain the battery. Fortunately for S4 owners the battery is removable, and a larger battery can be installed. In contrast, Apple’s phones are sealed, which helps the design, but means you’re on your own when the battery gets low.

Apple is simply going to lose sales to Samsung and other manufacturers if they unpretentiously try to reuse the same formula that brought the iPhone 4s to market. Consumers are simply not going to accept an identical looking phone with internal upgrades, and adding “200 new features” to the operating system.

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