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Is iOS 7 going to undermine your iPhone?

Written by on March 25, 2013 in AT&T, iPhone, Sprint, Verizon - No comments

We all know iOS 7 is likely due out sometime this summer/fall, as we get a new iOS on a yearly basis like clockwork. It is likely to have “200 new features” or a similar tag line as Apple like to sell it to us. However, who among us also recalls installing iOS on a slightly older device, and noticing the first of many performance issues? Safari does not open as quick as it once did. The App store now takes a bit longer to display all that retina artwork. Your favorite game just crashed for the first time.


Planned obsolescence is at work here. Of course Apple gives you a free iOS upgrade, as what better way to get you to yearn for the newest and fastest hardware, than to slowly degrade the current phone in your hands.

Typically there are at least 2-3 features that are left off older hardware, in the blanket statement of in the best interest to the Apple consumer. Apple knows what will run well on your phone, and what will not. Don’t they?

Facetime works just fine on the iPhone 4 over WiFi, but you can’t have that feature over your carriers cell network. Why not? Is it a limitation of the A4 processor? Or perhaps it is a silent agreement between Apple and the major carriers to keep the excessive 3G traffic to a minimum.

What about Siri? This is another high network utilization feature that Apple did not implement in some of the older hardware. But was this left off because you as the end user might not have the best Apple experience, or at a carrier request to keep traffic down from iOS devices which are well known to utilize a lot of data.

The iPad Mini just was released 4 months ago using the same A5 chip as installed in the iPhone 4s. If you have used the device it is fairly fast responding tablet to the expectations of the user similar to the iPad 2, as it is pretty much identical under the covers. However what is likely going to happen when iOS 7 is released (as a FREE upgrade from Apple) and installed on the device? Is it going to perform as new, or is it to be slowly hindered with the “200 new features” or additions that Apple bestows upon us?

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