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Should you buy a new iPhone?

Written by on April 1, 2013 in Android, iPhone - No comments

Your contract is up or almost up on your current iPhone 4 or 4s, however with all these huge Android phones with fantastical features, it’s getting really difficult to justify what once was the king of the hill phone just a year or so ago.  Do you jump ship now and grab a new Android phone, as well buy into a new App store market with Google Play? Or perhaps play it safe and keep all your favorite apps you have already paid for?


We all know Apple is going to release a new phone this year, as they have for the past several years.  There is hope for a larger than current 4” screen, but current hardware rumors and leaks are stating we will likely just see an upgraded version of the iPhone 5.

Is minor updates to a current phone design worth holding out for, or do you make the decision to jump from the Apple bandwagon and pick up a new Android phone with a screen size nearing tablet sizes?  It’s all really personal preference.

As stated by Recombu:

If you’re waiting for the next iPhone and want to buy it on the day it launches, odds are, you’re going to carry on waiting, and rightly so. Only when it lands will you be able to decide if it’s worth being your next smartphone.

If you’re an iGal, iGuy or iPerson who doesn’t need to be on the cutting edge and is happy to wait for the contract price of the iPhone 6 to drop, likely around winter, it might be worth biding your time with another phone for, say, eight to ten months.

It all depends on what you’re looking for in a new phone.  If even an iPhone 5 with a 4” screen really makes you squint to read a website, you may want to look at a larger screen Android.  However if having top educational and games rank first on your list, you may want to stick with Apple.  Android is getting better at receiving the very top Apps, but sometimes it’s a few months to a year later to port the application depending on the developer.

Regardless what you decide to purchase, we want your old phone!  Let us at PhoneRenew make you an offer on your old device today!

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