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Is Blackberry going to survive against Microsoft’s mobile phone?

Written by on April 3, 2013 in Blackberry, Windows Phone - 2 Comments

Blackberry is starting to fall behind in various phone sales markets, for 4th place in the current cut-throat smartphone race.  Are smartphone consumers other than the business crowd going to gravitate toward this newer hardware, or is it too late?

Microsoft seems content with a 3rd place position behind Apple and Android as it is a relative newcomer to the phone scene – the other top 2 contenders have been fighting this out for the past few years.

TechWatch UK, offering some details:

While Windows Phone has shown some decent growth, BlackBerry has plummeted below it. Windows Phone is now in third place with a 4.1 per cent share of the US market, ahead of BlackBerry which has plunged to 0.7 per cent. Android is top on 51.2 per cent, followed by iOS on 43.5 per cent.This data is drawn from the three months running up to February 2013.

Prices are already getting discounted on blackberry hardware that has been out a mere few weeks. Is this a sign of a desperate company trying to get it’s hardware into as many hands as possible?

Or is it simply an aggressive marketing and sales department turning up the potential sales of their new flagship phone?

2 Comments on "Is Blackberry going to survive against Microsoft’s mobile phone?"

  1. Peter dellarusso April 11, 2013 at 12:14 pm · Reply

    Whats going on here? The Windows phone is beating Blackberry? How much did Bill Gates pay you to say that? The windows new Platform Windows 8 is killing the Computer industry! Please check Laptop sales down 14% as of yesterday on BloomBerg Financial report. windows is in trouble, the Windows 8 is the Edsel of the Computer industry! Blackberry 10 operating system is smooth and right on target. yes RIM was slow in making it happen, but their CEO is on track to turn the company around. So please read your facts and speak honestly.

  2. Core2 April 11, 2013 at 11:35 pm · Reply

    I don’t recall the article discussing Windows 8 OS, it was stating Smartphone market share. Blackberry is lagging far behind MS currently.

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