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Facebook’s new ‘Home’ Application is announced

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With what was thought to be a new smartphone branded as the ‘Facebook phone’, turns out to be a new Application instead.  Facebook ‘Home’ is a App that integrates facebook deep into your Android smartphone – sorry iPhone, this one is not for you. And if you don’t have a nearly brand new Android phone, you will likely be left out of the loop as well.


CNN asked, What exactly is it?

As described by Zuckerberg and others, Home is a “family of apps” that essentially push Facebook content front and center on your Android phone.

Once the phone “wakes up,” the home screen and lock screen are replaced with something called “Cover Feed.” Images and posts from friends will appear as the new screen’s background. Users can flip through and interact with them — “like” an update, or post a comment — immediately without having to open a specific Facebook app. One touch takes the user to their apps, or back to the last app they were using.

Home’s other big feature was called “Chat Heads,” which is a basically a tool that combines Facebook Messenger with the phone’s regular SMS text-message tool. Messages pop up regardless of what the user is doing at the time, along with the sender’s profile picture, enclosed in a little circle.

The user can decide whether to open the message (without leaving the app or other screen they’re on), dismiss it or save it for later with a single touch.

The App will be available on April 12th (quite the popular date this month for releases) in the Google Play store, for some Android Phones.  Currently upon release, only the Galaxy SG3, Note II, and HTC One line of phones will be eligible.  Samsung Galaxy 4 and HTC One will become available upon those phones respective release dates.  Tablets will be at a later, not yet announced date.

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