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Purported Curved iPhone 5S Photo Leaks

Written by on April 5, 2013 in iPhone - No comments

In the wake of an Apple patent revealing a curved iPhone design reported on last week, a new photo leak purports to be the iPhone 5S sporting the same curved display.  

curved iPhone patentIf you are one of the many people hoping that Apple does something really eyebrow-raising with the iPhone 5S this year, then you may be in luck. After a long series of reports indicating that the iPhone 5S will be nothing more than a modest refresh — perhaps focusing more on iOS 7 software overhauls, this new photo has surfaced, which appears to be an iPhone 5S with a curved screen and body.

The photo comes right on the heels of an Apple patent pictured above, which purports to show off the potential uses of AMOLED screen technology. AMOLED, of course, is the next generation smartphone display, which will eventually allow smartphone designers to create curved, ultra-thin and even flexible designs.

Phone RenewThere are two caveats with this leaked image, however: one is the prevailing belief that Apple will not invest heavily in an iPhone overhaul this year, after doing so last year with the iPhone 5. The other issue with this photo is that AMOLED technology is not quite ready to debut at this level of application. AMOLED was on display at the CES this year, however, the designs were still highly conceptual and clumsy.

Add to this the noticeably grainy texture of the photo, and one can imagine that an iPhone 5 photo was doctored to match the recently revealed patent. It’s also worth noting that the Apple patent presents an iPhone with a display on both sides of the device — even the side that would be against the user’s palm.

Still, it’s always fun to dream, and this photo can at least serve as a concept photo for what could be in store for future iPhones.

By Michael Nace

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