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Android or Apple – what is the best tablet for you?

Written by on April 15, 2013 in Android, Apple, iPad - No comments

So you are looking to get your first tablet – but which one should you get?  We will take a brief look into a few of the key items of interest to most buyers.  But the initial question should be, do you really need one?  If you’re currently utilizing only a Smartphone and a desktop\laptop, and are looking for more mobile screen real estate than your current phone can provide, perhaps a tablet would be a welcome addition.


What brand OS is your SmartPhone?

This may be the biggest factor in deciding what direction you may lean into for deciding on a tablet.  If you are an iPhone user, you are likely to gravitate toward the iPad and iPad Mini line.  However these tend to be a bit more expensive than the Android counterparts.

If you are a Android phone owner, a clear choice might be the 7-10” Android tablets, which have a average lower purchase cost over the Apple iPad line.

The best argument for keeping with a specific operating system for a smartphone to tablet matchup – is the Apps you have already purchased for your phone.  In many cases the same app is compatible and also designed for the tablet you are considering as well.  Not having to purchase the same Application for 2 different devices is quite economical for most consumers.

Apple’s iOS install has the advantage over Android as it is designed for the specific hardware it is running on – they know the hardware as they designed it,  and what it is capable of.  In Android, it is required to be compatible with potentially hundreds of different hardware versions, which makes it difficult to ensure it works perfect on all devices.

As detailed by Malaysia chronicle regarding Google’s Android OS:

“Google’s mobile OS, Android, is a more complicated story. Besides having your choice of hardware from several manufacturers, at any given time, there are a few iterations of Android floating around on various devices. The latest version, Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean), is the best yet, with maximum configurability, a top-notch notification system, fast, smooth Web browsing, and seamless integration with Google applications like Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Talk for video chat. The latest Android version also adds support for multiple user logins so you can share your tablet with a friend or family member, a useful feature that’s missing in Apple tablets. The only problem: Right now, you can only find Android 4.2 on Google’s own Nexus tablets and a small handful of others including a couple of Transformer models from Asus.”

Screen Size

You will have to decide what size is best to fit your needs.  Generally you have the 10” range, along with a slightly smaller 7-8” range that is designed to be a bit more portable, with less weight than it’s bigger screen siblings.

Customers that were initially put off by the higher $400-500 starting prices of the larger tablets, are often purchasing now that a $200-300 version has been made available.

Also take note of the resolution of the screens.  Apple’s iPad Mini is referred to as HD, but lacks the Pixel density that similar screen size Androids offer.  Put the 2 side by side, and the clarity of text and images is much sharper on the Android models.  However the aspect ratio of 3:2 of the Apple vs the 16:9 of most Androids is a 2nd consideration in mind.  You will get more screen real estate with the iPad Mini, just not as clear.


Android wins out here as most Android Tablets have expandable storage via a SD card of the Mini type, while the Apple line is locked into the storage size at purchase – once you buy, there is no upgrade available, so think long and hard over your media requirements.  If you think a 16gb iPad will get you by, you better just get the next size up if it’s within your budget now – as there is no going back 6-12 months from now and you are out of storage room.


Currently Android wins out with the lowest price on both 10” and 7” tablet ranges, typically starting at $149 and up.  Apple’s iPad line starts at $329 for the iPad Mini – which was considered premium, until the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was recently announced for a $300 starting price.

App compatibility, storage space, screen size, as well as the final purchase price are all items to consider before a tablet purchase, but it’s hard to also pass up a real in-person user experience.  So get out to a store that stocks numerous models and give them a try and see what might works best for your needs – especially before you drop $300-500 from your favorite online retailer.

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