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Do you ‘buy’ the free iPhone?

Written by on April 22, 2013 in Apple, iPhone, Verizon - No comments

Did you ‘buy’ the ‘free’ iPhone 4 recently, or perhaps purchased the 4s over the iPhone 5?  You are not alone – approximately 1/2 the iPhone sales of the opening quarter of 2013 are the previous generation phones.  Perhaps this is an indication that the general population was not that impressed with the iPhone 5, or simply watching their out of pocket expenses toward a new Smartphone.


As documented by Tuaw:

“Verizon reported its earnings for the opening quarter of 2013 and announced that it activated 4 million iPhones. This figure is up year-over year, but down from the previous quarter which saw 6.2 million iPhone activations. This decline is expected as sales generally fall in the first quarter of the year. Within the 4 M iPhone activations, Verizon confirmed that 2 million were 4G LTE models (iPhone 5) and 2 million were 3G only models (iPhone 4/4S).”

With the iPhone 4 (free) and iPhone 4s ($99) being sold at a heavy discount compared to the iPhone 5, it’s evident that consumers were possibly just not impressed enough with the changes in the iPhone 5 to warrant a starting $199 out-of-pocket cost.

Another view to consider is the possibility of families adding 3rd and 4th lines to the phone plan – what teenager would not want a iPhone over a generic ‘dumb’ flip phone?  The cost between adding a Basic phone ($30) and a Smart phone ($40) on Verizon’s current plans is only $10 – Free iPhone, only $10 more a month, seems like a pretty good deal to most people.

Regardless of what you pay down for the phone, you are still locked into a contract for a now 24 month period – no more early 20mo upgrades.  That’s 4 more months of potential customers looking at Apple’s App store and iTunes for potential purchases on your ‘free’ phone.

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