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Is Microsoft taking aim at the 7″ tablet market?

Written by on April 24, 2013 in Android, Apple, iPad, Microsoft, Samsung - No comments

Is Microsoft about to take on Apple and Android in the fairly new and competitive 7” tablet market?  Some market researchers are thinking yes.  With the development of a smaller and cheaper tablet model, more consumers are purchasing due to the reduced cost.  Apple’s iPad Mini is starting at $329 vs $499 for the full sized iPad.  Android versions can be found as low as $99 – of course you should expect to be sacrificing some performance for savings at this price point.


As reported by Gizbot:

“Gizbot earlier told you about Microsoft planning to release a smaller version, rather 7 inch Surface tablet, which would run on Windows 8 or Windows Blue. Now there is news that the Redmond based company is working on a line of small touchscreen devices, to compete with iPad Mini and Amazon Kindle Fires. Are the two news stories somehow connected? Lets find out! According to a report by Guardian, Peter Klein, Microsoft’s Chief Financial Officer, has said that the new devices will be available in coming months, at competitive prices. Analysts believe that the tablets might be releasing in June. Also, Windows 8.1(blue) update is expected to arrive on the same month. At the same time, rumors suggesting that Microsoft is tweaking the hardware requirements of Windows 8 to support the upcoming tablets are also widespread.”

If Microsoft is to compete in this smaller tablet market, they will need to work on a price point to encourage the consumer to look in their direction.  With lesser known brand Android tablets around the $100 mark,iPad Mini at $329, then all the way up to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 starting at $399 – Microsoft needs to position themselves somewhere in the middle.

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