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New Apple Battery Patents Point To Curvy Future iPhone, iPad

Written by on May 2, 2013 in Apple, iPhone - No comments

bent iphone battery patent

The long-rumored curved iPhone has captivated Apple enthusiasts. Now, a new Apple patent suggests that Cupertino is beginning to design components like battery packs that could conform to curvy iPhone and iPad designs.

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For a long time now, there has been just enough evidence in the Apple rumor mills to suggest that curvy, next-generation form factors for the iPhone and iPad are on the horizon. Back in 2011, Apple famously invested in highly sophisticated glass cutting machines, which many believed were a downpayment on a concave or convex iPhone display. More recently, the development of AMOLED screens — which will eventually be able to be shaped across rounded surfaces — as well as patents that depict similar devices, have led some to believe that perhaps even the 2014 iPhone 6 could debut such a design.

The big problem, however, is that in order to have a truly curvy mobile device, the inner components would need to fit inside the rounded, oddly-shaped chassis. According to a new report, Apple may be working on components that could fit inside such chassis.

An article today from Apple Insider highlights a new patent that shows a design for an asymmetrically bent rechargeable battery pack, which could elude to a future iOS device design:

” . . . a possibility is the use of such battery design in an iPhone with a “wrap-around” display, the patent of which passed through the USPTO in late March. While it is unlikely that such a device will make it to market in the near future, if ever, the recent patent filings show Apple is continuously looking for innovative ways to save space in its iOS device lineup.”

It still remains to be seen if such a deign, while certainly captivating, would offer the user any kind of increased functionality. However, if Apple is looking to significantly overhaul its iPhone in 2014, it’s possible that these patents could be used to radically change the iPhone’s form factor, giving it a new, distinct look that its competitors could not easily mimic.

curved iPhone patent

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