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Rumored Motorola X Phone Spotted In The Wild

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The tech community has awaited a first glimpse at the long-rumored Motorola X Phone. New photos reveal that its official release might be in sight.

Ever since Google purchased Motorola, the prevailing belief has been that the search engine giant would use Motorola to launch its flagship smartphone — a phone that could compete one-on-one against the iPhone. A new premier smartphone in the Motorola pipeline, dubbed the “X Phone,” may have just been sighted, suggesting that this year could be the year that Google once again seeks to compete with the iPhone directly.

According to Geek, photos of the X Phone surfaced on Twitter from the likes of @evleaks, a tech leaker who has a pretty strong track record of getting leaks right. The above images show what they purport to be the X Phone.

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The rubberized grip that surrounds the phone is not believed to be the actual chassis or form factor, but rather a stand-in chassis that is covering the smartphone’s real form factor. Many initially believed that the chassis pictured aboved could be made of kevlar. Geek goes on to comment:

There are a couple possibilities here. First, this is still a prototype. The Kevlar back may be coming, but Motorola may have chosen not to include it at this point in the process. Second, it’s possible that the company wants to keep the price of the X Phone down (possibly in the Nexus 4 range?) and has gone with a less premium material.

Motorola has proven itself to be a reliable smartphone designer over the past few years, as its Droid Razr series has performed quite well in the marketplace, and offers an incredibly thin form factor with strong battery life. While Samsung has worked hard to get its Galaxy series of smartphones in a position to compete directly with Apple’s iPhone, no company in the Android sphere is better positioned to match the ingenuity and buzz as are Google. Look for the Motorola X Phone to have some next-generation features that will seek to steal away iPhone users in 2013.


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