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Verizon Rumored To Be Preparing $100 Price Slash For the iPhone 5

Written by on May 7, 2013 in iPhone, Verizon - No comments

Verizon iPhone 5The tech media believes that the upcoming rumored $100 price slash on the Verizon iPhone 5 might point to an earlier iPhone 5S release — or just a great deal on a great smartphone.

A new, breaking rumor circulating throughout the tech media today claims that Verizon will slash the price of the iPhone 5 by $100 in May, prompting predictions that the sale could be a foreshadowing of the iPhone 5S release in early summer. Yet again, the rumor comes by way of @EvLeaks, who has made three bold claims in the past two days. Phone Renew reported yesterday on its recent sightings of the long-rumored Motorola X Phone as well as a sleek, new LG smartphone with no visible buttons on the chassis. Today, the tech rumor source claims that the new iPhone 5 promotion is coming soon.

Some in the tech media are already interpreting this move by Verizon to be a suggestion that the iPhone 5S could arrive in the early summer, perhaps at this year’s WWDC in mid-June, and that the mobile carrier is looking to unload a large portion of its iPhone 5 stock before the new device releases.

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Business Insider reports, however, that a Verizon iPhone 5 sale could be less about the iPhone 5S release, and more about bolstering iPhone sales at a time of the year where Apple often sees iPhone sales sag:

“It’s a growing trend with carriers. AT&T will give you $100 off a new smartphone, including the iPhone 5, if you trade in your current device. Sprint will give you $100 several phones like the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 if you switch from another carrier.”

Due to the fact that T-Mobile has very recently begun to sell the iPhone 5, as well as the fact that iOS 7 has yet to be released in its beta form, suggests that an early iPhone 5S release is likely. Recent reports out of Asia have even suggested that the iPhone 5S might be delayed as a result of some component supply chain issues. If this is the case, Apple will certainly want to avoid a repeat performance of the issues they had early on with the iPhone 5 supply chain.

More likely is the fact that Verizon is probably positioning itself tokeep iPhone 5 sales brisk, even ahead of the WWDC, when sales usually are affected by rising anticipation that a surprise iPhone could make its debut there.

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