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Samsung Galaxy S4’s S Voice Takes Swipe At iPhone’s Siri

Written by on May 8, 2013 in iPhone, Samsung - No comments

Samsung Galaxy S 4 - S Voice

After the iPhone’s Siri has failed to inspire since its launch with the iPhone 4S, Samsung’s Galaxy S4’s S Voice is looking to improve upon mobile voice command — and match wits with Apple.

There’s no doubt that Apple has invested heavily in trying to make Siri, it’s voice command feature, a new, next-generation means of mobile computing. In addition to the feature itself, which debuted on the iPhone 4S, Apple has also engaged in quite a robust marketing campaign through high-profile television commercials that show celebrities and Siri interacting with one another.

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Samsung now appears to be trying to engage in a bit of wit as well with its own version of Siri.

Dubbed “S Voice,” Samsung has attempted to create its own virtual assistant in S Voice — a digital personality that is conjured up by saying, “Hi Galaxy!” Like Siri, Galaxy has her own bit of wit.

According to Android Central:

On the international Samsung Galaxy S4 (and some other Samsung phones — we’ve had varying results), asking S Voice if it’s ever used an iPhone prompts the response “No, I have standards.”

While the witty remark may also be used by S Voice to answer a number of other wry questions, Samsung’s use of it in answering Apple/iPhone-related questions is a playful yet searing example of the bitter rivalry between the two companies. The folks at Android Central tried to explore the depths of S Voice’s dislike for Siri, Apple, and the iPhone a bit further:

Ask it “Are you Siri?” and it’s a little more coy — “I like to think I am.” But it stops short of any direct attacks — ask it “Do you like Apple?” and it tells you it has no problems with anyone, but its loyalties lie with Samsung.

In the end, both Siri and S Voice do not appear to be well-positioned to change the face of mobile computing. For as much as voice command — and now Google Glass — are all looking to go a step beyond gesture control, the new navigation technologies appear to be fraught either with limitations and/or controversy. For now, navigating with your finger is still the easiest way to get around on a smartphone.

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