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HTC First “Facebook Phone” Dropped To .99 Cents

Written by on May 9, 2013 in HTC - No comments


HTC First


HTC’s gamble on a smartphone optimized to interface with Facebook, the HTC First, is now officially an epic fail, with AT&T offering the phone for a buck. 

The smartphone community has long awaited a “Facebook phone” — a smartphone designed by Facebook — that would offer the ultimate synthesis of mobile computing with the world’s most traversed social network. Facebook, of course, has yet to enter the smartphone fray with their own hardware, but HTC sought to capitalize on the desire for a Facebook phone by offering the HTC First, a de facto Facebook phone that runs the social media site’s Facebook Home mobile platform.

The only problem is that the HTC First is an unmitigated disaster, and its poor performance in the marketplace has forced AT&T and HTC to drop its price to .99 cents along with a renewed contract.

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According to Business Insider:

The phone hasn’t even been out a month. It originally sold for $99 with a two-year contract. That’s not a good sign.

The price drop also backs up reports from analysts that the phone hasn’t been selling very well. One analyst reported that he called an AT&T store whose employees claimed they hadn’t sold any HTC First phones.

The HTC First’s epic failure has not been for a lack of trying, either. In addition to AT&T and HTC pushing the device hard, Facebook has also invested in high-profile ads to tout the device — but to no avail. Most likely, Facebook has seen the HTC First as a beta test for its own future foray into the smartphone market. It remains to be seen if the failure of the First will offer Facebook lessons on what to avoid in the future — or to scrap the prospect of an official Facebook phone altogether.

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