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New Purported Images of Boxy Motorola X Phone Different From Previous Leaks

Written by on May 10, 2013 in Motorola - No comments

Motorola X PhoneA new set of purported leaked images of the Motorola X phone sport a boxier, iPhone-like form factor, and refute previous images.

Last week, we reported on a series of leaked photos showing what purported to be the Motorola X Phone, a new smartphone project that some in the tech media believed could become Google’s new foray into taking on the iPhone directly in the premium smartphone marketplace. Previously leaked photos of the X Phone, as well as the prevailing rumors in the media, supported a more curvaceous form factor. However, freshly-leaked photos reveal a decidedly boxier form factor that is not unlike the iPhone.

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According to Tech Radar:

Apparently we can also expect two versions of the Motorola X Phone, with the full-fat X arriving alongside a pared down “X M” model – possibly in a similar vein to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S3 mini.

The handset may well end up being called the Motorola X, as the source claims information on the device they have acquired states that name.

How the Motorola X Phone will turn out to look in the end still remains a mystery.

Analyst Claims Google Has Abandoned X Phone Project

Is also appears that Google may have officially pulled away from the Motorola X Phone project as well, dashing any hopes that the X Phone will become Google’s flagship smartphone that would take on the iPhone, mano e mano. According to Android Guys, “Google, no longer interested in the X Phone, has returned the project to Motorola, or so says a Chinese analyst. According to Sun Chang Xu, a woman with 18 years in the Chinese electronics industry and nearly 100k followers, Google no longer sees the project as innovative.”

Even with Google out of the picture, the X Phone does still have the prospect of becoming a viable premium smartphone that can join the Droid Razr series of Motorola smartphones as well.

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