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GS4 Minified? Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Photos Leaked!

Written by on May 13, 2013 in Samsung - No comments

GS4 miniWill Samsung release a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini to take on the likes of a rumored low-cost iPhone model sometime in 2013?

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With the rise of the “phablet,” smartphones seem to be getting bigger an bigger each year. Even 2013, which saw Samsung’s GS4 release feature what amounted to a refresh of the GS3, still added a bit of extra size to its screen, topping it out at 5 inches.  Yet, for as much as premium smartphones appear to be moving toward becoming “mini tablets,” rumors suggest that Samsung might be looking to capture a subset of consumers who prefer a smaller smartphone.

Recently leaked photos of what purport to be the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini suggest that Samsung is looking to offer its flagship model is two different screen size varieties. Mashable reports:

Photos of a new 4.3-inch device, which is significantly smaller than the 5-inch Galaxy S4 (see picture above), have surfaced on Chinese service Weibo, which is similar to Twitter. User PunkPanda posted a series of the leaked pictures to the site.

Mashable reminds us that this is Samsung’s first attempt at offering a “mini” version of the Galaxy S:

The introduction of a smaller-size smartphone would follow Samsung’s pattern for its previous flagship phone, the Galaxy S III. The company launched the Galaxy S III mini not long after the full-size version hit the market. Also, HTC is rumored to be working on a cheaper, smaller version of the HTC One, called the M4.

However, it is possible that, with the larger GS4 screen, Samsung’s mini version might be more successful than its GS3 Mini predecessor. Also, with rumors that Apple will release a low-cost iPhone this year with the iPhone 4/4S’s screen specs, as well as the success of the iPad Mini, the notion of releasing a mini version of the GS4 may be Samsung’s gambit to get on the “mini” train” while it is still viable.

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