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New iPhone 6 Concept Photo Envisions Cool Plastic Body

Written by on May 14, 2013 in iPhone - No comments

iPhone 6

A new iPhone 6 concept photo has caught fire in the rumor mill, sporting a cool plastic body that is not dissimilar from the old unibody MacBooks.

There has been a lot of talk this year about plastic iPhones — namely, that Apple could release a low-cost, no-contract iPhone that could cost considerably less than the current iPhone 5 model. One of the ways that many people believe that Apple could cut production costs on the budget iPhone is to replace its costly glass and metal form factor with plastic.

For some who follow the iPhone rumors, “plastic” equates to “cheap,” which doesn’t seem at first to coincide with what one thinks of when they think “Apple.” However, this new iPhone 6 rendering is plastic shows just how cool a plastic iPhone could be.

Here is a video slideshow that accompanies the photo, and reveals some of the other components and features of the plastic iPhone 6:

KnowYour Mobile describes the new concept and design depicted above:

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It shows dual speakers on the bottom with a 3.5mm headphone jack, separate volume keys and what looks like a camera button on the side and a camera with flash on the back. Above the screen, there’s a camera and speaker, while below the screen, there’s the same home key as on the current iPhone. The UI looks the same as on iOS 6, although it only shows the lock screen. The video shows the iPhone 6 in both black and white versions, with the Apple logo firmly in place on the back.

This plastic iPhone 6 concept — particularly in white — immediately reminds one of the old white unibody MacBook computers. The plastic offers a smooth, seamless, and minimalist design that is evocative of the designs that the late Steve Jobs favored.

It remains to be seen if this kind of design would ever turn out to be the “iPhone 6,” since the tech media generally assumes that the iPhone 6 will arrive in 2014 and be a new overhaul of the current iPhone. However, what this concept photo could offer us is a glimpse into how a low cost iPhone with a plastic body could be more affordable, and yet still quintessentially Apple.

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