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Samsung Admits Using Both Quad, 8 Core Processors Galaxy S4 Production

Written by on May 15, 2013 in Samsung - No comments

Samsung Galaxy S4 CEO

Samsung’s chief tech officer admits that the company equips the Samsung Galaxy S4 with both quad and 8-core processors, according to what’s most available. Should GS4 users be miffed?

Hard core mobile users shop for new smartphones based in large part on their performance. To this end, quad-core and 8-core, while perhaps not an important feature for the average user, can be a deciding factor for early adopters of premium smartphones. With this in mind, Samsung’s recent admission that it will use both quad- and 8-core processors in the Samsung Galaxy S4 might raise concerns over whether the performance of the device will be universal.

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According to CNET, Samsung co-CEO JK Shin has admitted that the company uses several different processors — with different amounts of cores — based on what is most available (and perhaps most cost-effective) in the components marketplace:

Some models of Samsung’s flagship smartphone, available globally in the coming weeks, will feature a quad-core processor from Qualcomm while others will feature Samsung’s Exynos 5 chip with eight cores. The U.S. version will use the 1.9GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 series chip.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 series chip is a quad core chip, meaning that the U.S. GS4 will be quad core.

Mr. Shin, however, has sought to get out in front of this potential scandal by assuring U.S. users that the performance difference between the quad- and 8-core versions of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is so nominal that users will not even notice: “J.K. Shin, co-CEO of Samsung and head of the company’s mobile business, told CNET after an event Wednesday in New York that the general public won’t really notice or care. He noted that the company chose processors that could provide a similar consumer experience.”

Samsung’s decision might indeed be a result of an ongoing sourcing issue that many smartphone manufacturers have had in obtaining processors for premium model smartphones. It would appear that Shin and the Samsung executive staff chose to make this decision based on avoiding some of the early supply chain issues that Apple had with its iPhone 5 last fall, assuming that average users will not care, and that “pro” users will not really notice the difference. While the former group most like will not notice, it remains to be seen how the tech community will react.

Expect side-by-side performance tests of the quad- and 8-core GS4.

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