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New Google Version Of The Samsung Galaxy S4 Could Be The Company’s New Flagship Model

Written by on May 16, 2013 in Samsung - No comments


Samsung Galaxy S4 with stock Android OS

The announcement yesterday at the Google I/O Developer’s Conference confirms that the company is set for the time being to focus on the Samsung Galaxy S4 as its flagship model.

For a long time, the tech media had assumed that Google’s acquisition of Motorola meant that the search giant would eventually craft its own branded flagship smartphone hardware, ostensibly to take on the iPhone directly. Last week, we heard from a source suggesting that Google had pulled out of the development of Motorola’s rumored “X Phone,” dashing hopes that a new “Nexus” phone would debut this year.

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However, at yesterday I/O Developers Conference, CEO Larry Page appeared to have surprisingly announced what essentially amounts to a de facto “Nexus” phone: a Google-branded Samsung Galaxy S4, complete with stock Android OS. This premium Android operating system will do away with any GS4 branding and really create more of a Google-branded experience, not dissimilar from the Nexus brand of old:

According to PCWorld:

The stock Android Jellybean 4.2 OS on the upcoming Google S4 eliminates the Nexus branding that other Galaxy devices have held and comes with a completely unlocked bootloader.  The themes and skins that have identified Galaxy software will be replaced by a basic and direct Android interface, and it will have no preinstalled apps bogging it down.  That will make for a cleaner and more customizable phone, ideal for developers who seek the capability to modify their devices (hence its announcement at the developers’ conference).

Slated as a device that is really designed for developers, this new GS4 will even sport a friendly price tag of $649 — not a lot to pay for a smartphone that can really hotrodded. This, however, is an important distinction, since it probably means that Google still doesn’t see this particular version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 as the true “Google phone” that would be attractive to mainstream users.

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